Xenite.Org is a privately owned and operated science fiction and fantasy domain.  Founded in March 1997, Xenite.Org is one of the first 1,000,000 domains registered on the Internet and is also one of the oldest dedicated science fiction fan Websites in the world.

Our ground-breaking content has included award-winning feature articles and link directories.  Xenite.Org’s content mostly reflects the personal tastes and interests of its founder, Michael Martinez. Some content has been contributed by other fans through the years and may more accurately reflect their opinions and preferences.

Xenite.Org originally hosted a small number of science fiction and fantasy forums but those forums were moved to SF-Fandom in 2001. We invite you to visit our Science Fiction and Fantasy Forums and become a member of the SF-Fandom community.

Old Link Redirection

Xenite.Org was redesigned in June 2011. If you have followed a link that was placed on another site prior to that time, the content you are seeking has either been moved to a new location or has been taken offline. Although we regret the inconvenience you are experiencing, we have taken measures to ensure that the most popular content has remained available. We encourage you to use our search box located in the upper left-hand corner of this page to search for content relevant to whatever brought you here.

Xenite.Org no longer participates in the Internet Authors Network.

The Xenite.Org Publicity Service has been discontinued.

Thank you for visiting Xenite.Org.

Advertising and Promotions Policy

Xenite.Org does not sell links and does not accept individual advertising contracts. We may, at our discretion, accept offers to participate in promotional campaigns of interest to fans of science fiction and fantasy provided no money is exchanged. For example, we may accept invitations to assist movie studios, TV studios and networks, and independent production companies in giving away tickets, t-shirts, posters, books, etc. to fans to help promote interesting science fiction and fantasy projects.

Xenite.Org has listed itself as “Targetable” in the Google AdWords/AdSense program. We may at our discretion elect to block certain advertisers if we feel they are promoting products or services that are not family-friendly or for other reasons.

Interviews with Writers, Actors, Artists, etc.

Xenite.Org has published exclusive interviews with writers, actors, and other members of the entertainment or cultural arts fields. If you are interested in being interviewed or having a client interviewed, please use the SF-Fandom Contact Us to send a message to the administrators. We will be happy to consider your request.

Xenite.Org does not accept gratuities for interviews. We may request permission to use images and/or videos as part of our interviews.

We may, at our discretion, publish requested interviews on SF-Fandom rather than on Xenite.Org.

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